Comment on “The Hidden Power of Boredom”

I find the topic of boredom to be rare. I never had a conversation about boredom, but I believe it would be interesting to talk about this topic.

In the blog post Ali Abdaal talks about boredom and that boredom is important for creativity.

I think the reason that boredom is one key to creativity is that it allows for room in the conscious. The unconscious then has enough room to push new ideas to the conscious.

Because there is only enough room for a couple of ideas at a time it takes boredom and silence to make the room for creative ideas.

I used to listen to many podcasts and audiobooks and I still occasionally do. Now I have stopped listening to anything during the morning and especially breakfast and in the beginning it felt wired, and I wanted to do something to keep my mind occupied. However since I have stopped it, I feel that I have a lot more time in the day and I also feel I am more in control because I have time to think about my day in the morning.

I have also stopped listening to music or audiobooks when I am running. In the past, I would normally listen either to a Spotify playlist or to an Audible audiobook. One reason for that was that if felt like the run would go over faster. I have changed that now and don’t listen to anything. I have also slowed down the running pace and that gives me more free space in my head to think. One thing that also has changed is that I can now concentrate better after a run because I don’t have an earwig from the music.

Now that I have gone almost cold turkey in terms of music, audiobooks and podcasts, I will try to be more mindful with these mediums and spend less time listening and more time thinking about what was said.

One more thing that Ali Abdaal talked about where “infinity pools” which are any feeds in social media that are infinite. I try to avoid infinity pools because they are most often mindless and lead to replays in my “boring time” and that is annoying.

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